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I’ve only been here for 4 years and there is almost nothing in kpop for me anymore. There is no creativity in the songs produced or the choreography, though I gotta admit Shinhwa’s vogue concept was mind blowing. Variety shows are just about as boring, and the saving grace are actually the 1st generation: Shinhwa and HOTSechgodRG. How sad is that.

I think the thing that the 1st generation idols are able to entertain and make their shows fun is through all of the experiences they’ve gathered over the years from their seniors (though they are the 1st generation of K-Pop, there are also more older people than them too) and they’ve went on variety shows a lot to learn how original entertainers pull out jokes and stuff. So it’s all through experiences that they have gathered up, so all of those experiences they got, they use it as their guiding. They also learn how to naturally entertain the viewers without trying too hard to be funny.

The current and new idol groups, they are still on their way catching up with their variety shows and all of that stuff. So give them a little more time to experience everything along their ways. However, the group that are actually well-entertained with variety show is Super Junior (2nd generation/current generation). They’re pretty good with variety shows and purely funny. 

And now talking about music-wise, you know, HotsechgodRG and Shinhwa are the first generation idol groups, right? Their music were classic, meaningful (it still is), their dances were intense and powerful, so with the trend-wise, they sort of stick with that although they moved on a little bit like Shinhwa, but their music always catch all ages audiences attention. While the current and new generations, when they debuted, their trends were already been changed, example, like when DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, SHINee, 2PM, 2AM, etc. generation debuted, their music-wise were already in the new trend, which was after 2000. Then it keeps changing, however, I can see why the 1st generation can always keep their music-wise a huge hit to this day because it was the original.



One of the most recent scandals involves A.KOR member Kemy and her controversial “diss rap” on 2NE1’s Park Bom, and wow, has it brought up a lot of conflict.

For the most part, fans and friends alike have stood up for Bom, whose drug scandal prompted a personal letter from YG regarding her need for the medicine. However, is that all to the story? Is Kemy truly the bad guy in this issue, or does she have some truth in her rap?

First of all, let’s get everything straight: I am in no way saying that Kemy’s actions were right. To be honest, this was an extremely rude composition and an extremely bad decision in summary to even bring up a senior idol in such a bad light. Logically speaking, I don’t understand why she would record such a rap, given the fact that they’ve barely debuted and have yet to establish a reputation in the industry; was she intending to ruin their chances before they even had a chance?

In short, I don’t think so. Recent rookies have been aiming for more unique, interesting ways to gain fame, whether it’s eccentric fashion or music style. In my opinion, it seems like Kemy attempted to catch attention with this track, and she succeeded. Unfortunately, I’m just not so sure if she expected the backlash, although it would be ridiculously foolish if she didn’t. Speaking from a marketing perspective, this was a wild card that played out less in her favor, and that’s just one of the things that happen when you go down the dissing route.

But what if this wasn’t an attempt to bring attention to herself? What if it was to bring attention to the suspicious drug scandal fiasco that YG managed to cover up? Am I saying that I don’t trust YG’s explanation? Of course not. I’m just trying to speak from Kemy’s perspective.

When you think about it, South Korea has quite a large stigma attached to mental illness and drugs, so I did understand this negativity in regards to Bom being let go in a simple manner. Also, let’s not forget that celebrities seem to always be treated differently when it comes to crimes, no matter the country, so why wouldn’t someone be angry with this?

Kemy definitely wasn’t wrong for stating her opinion on this scandal, but it was not a smart move in rapping about it and directly addressing Bom in the piece. The fault in this diss is purely a matter of respect and professionalism for me, personally. And before anyone says that Kemy should suffer or be boycotted, let’s keep a rational mindset and understand that A.KOR has already stopped their promotions prematurely as a response to this controversy. Isn’t that enough?

Yes, Bom was wrong in bringing illegal drugs in such a shady manner, but that case is settled, like it or not. Does it seem like she got special treatment? I’m not going to lie; it does seem like it. But just because it seems like she had the case handled in her favor doesn’t mean that releasing a public rap about telling her to do the right thing will help, right?

To put it shortly, I’m not really sure why Kemy thought it was a good idea to go through with this, but I’m not going to hate on the girl. The meaning behind the rap is rude and uncalled for, and it only managed to damage A.KOR’s image more than hurting Bom’s. There are things that don’t make sense with how quickly the case was solved, and she definitely did dish out some truth, albeit in a slightly distasteful manner.

On the other hand, just because the lyrics are negative doesn’t mean that Kemy has no talent nor potential. I have to admit that it bothers me when fans try to come to Bom’s aid by dissing Kemy in return; there’s no use in getting an eye for an eye, because all you end up with is a bunch of blind followers going in a variety of directions for no reason. In a musical sense, I really do feel like Kemy is a great rapper:

I just wish she would have thought this decision through.


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Uri yeoja is just too cool in this scene! I love it~

So… I was looking at Hotel King Wrap-up Party Photos just now and realized that Cho Se Ho attended the party like Chanyeol did with Shin Sung Woo’s. I wonder, will we be seeing this on Roommate? If so, does that mean there’s a possibility that Lee Da Hae will have another cameo on the show? Ok. I’m getting excited without anything official yet. lol (Crossing my fingers that she will be guesting too~ :3)

The start of struggle begins…


that wth moment when they squeezed all the ending into the last few minutes in the final episode. 

I still can’t get over my (a little bit) disappointment from what they did at the very last parts of this episode. :|


“Was it you?! I won’t leave you alone. I’m not going to leave you alone, you bastard”

Alright. I know Aoki is despicable, but I thought his and Ok Ryeon’s scene were hot! Specially when Ok Ryeon grabbed Aoki’s collar, I was like “whoa!” I imagined Aoki putting his arms around her and then kissing her! LOL.

I ship them, in a parallel universe.

I actually ship Jin Se Yeon with every hot male she’s paired with or working with. Hehehe. Twisted, huh? Don’t care! I love them! :)))

I have shipped them after this scene~ Seriously! And so much more after realizing that Earlier!Kangto x Mokdan (Bridal Mask) = Aoki x Okryeon (Age Of Feeling) ———-> OMG! Give me this ship~ or maybe Seyeon x Hyunmin! XD

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I am not a fan of Bom, but I do adore her because of Roommate and I really want her to come back as well.

The problem though is that the scandal about Bom is a serious matter in Korea even though it happened way back 4 years ago, and nothing was really official yet. [Bom and] her agency decided to make her leave the show and she doesn’t seem to be confident about coming back as well. As much as we want her back, and as much as we’re going to keep on pressuring the PD to get Bom to come back, it wouldn’t be that easy. [And please, don’t go on attacking the PD of the show too.]



[140727] LEE DA HAE Twitter Update

호텔킹 차모커플 마지막 셀카.. 슬프고도 행복한 모습입니다 여러분 그동안 사랑해 주셔서 감사합니다! 동욱오빠 너무 고마웠어 오빤 최고의 배우였고 오빠와 함께해서 행복했어 우리 십년후에 또 만나서 또 사랑합시다!

I think I just died. 

Goodness! I wanna see them get married for real… like right NOW!



That’s Andy’s unorganized dance

Looks pretty organized to me lol

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Hotel King Filipino Dubbed [My Girl Audio]

This looks real. Lol.~ :D


[Reposting this too! :)]

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Hotel King is NOT YET SURE to be air on ABS-CBN network. The Official page do not post anything related to Hotel King. So please, Kapamilya & DongHae Couple fans from Philippines, help us so we can fully show our love and support to convince ABS-CBN Network to air Hotel King.

Please post this photo (link below | or any other Hotel King photo) on the Official FB page of ABS-CBN Asianovelas: Kapamilyanovelas (Official) with the hashtag, #‎HotelKingOnABSCBN

OT: ABS-CBN rerun My Girl, from Monday - Friday | 4:30 PM

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Our actor Mun, they say he got ditched by Jung Yoomi..
This~ ㅠㅠ
Real romance drama you sympathize with <Discovery of Romance> image spot revealed!!

- 2014-07-20 E&J Ent Twitter update
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That laugh! Nuahahaha

effin’ dorks!

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