Hotel King Filipino Dubbed [My Girl Audio]

This looks real. Lol.~ :D


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Hotel King is NOT YET SURE to be air on ABS-CBN network. The Official page do not post anything related to Hotel King. So please, Kapamilya & DongHae Couple fans from Philippines, help us so we can fully show our love and support to convince ABS-CBN Network to air Hotel King.

Please post this photo (link below | or any other Hotel King photo) on the Official FB page of ABS-CBN Asianovelas: Kapamilyanovelas (Official) with the hashtag, #‎HotelKingOnABSCBN

OT: ABS-CBN rerun My Girl, from Monday - Friday | 4:30 PM

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Our actor Mun, they say he got ditched by Jung Yoomi..
This~ ㅠㅠ
Real romance drama you sympathize with <Discovery of Romance> image spot revealed!!

- 2014-07-20 E&J Ent Twitter update
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That laugh! Nuahahaha

effin’ dorks!

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We’re behind by 5k votes and it would be great if each and everyone of you could at least vote up till your maximum ( 10 votes per IP per day) .

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Jin Se Yeon with Lee Jong Suk & PD Jin Hyuk | ® | DStheMovie BTS

Latest update from LJS cafe: The movie will focus on HoonHee’s love story but minimize the bizarre love triangle, their story will start from Budapest, all those North Korean related scene will be cut…

credit and thanks to demoeoe@HeartbeatCoupleSoompiThread

OMG! I’ve been waiting for a photo like this~ So excited for the movie already!

백퍼센트(100%) 니가 예쁘다(U beauty) 안무영상 (아이컨택 버전)  

Now, if you’re going to tell me they’re not talented, I might just bash you in the head (okay. I’m joking. maybe?) These boys sounded the same live or not, they can play some instruments well, they can dance… and totally adorable! What more can you ask for a boyband? Sheesh~

Wah! Reminds me to clean up my desktop again. xD

One rule: NO changing your background once you’ve been tagged! Even if it’s embarrassing!

Yeah. I’ve downloaded that much Korean Variety Shows :3 Since 2009, I’ve been addicted to K-variety shows. They are entertaining, and so different to entertainment shows in my country. :D I love seeing the celebrities having fun too, and being dorky. xD I’ve already known a lot of K-celebrities because of these shows, and I’ve loved a lot of them because of it (including Shinhwa).

It’s frustrating that my X-Man videos are all deleted, and I am having a hard time re-downloading all of them since megaupload is already not working. :( kehhhh


[Tutorial] How to draw RicSyung chibi


I forgot where I got this. Please let me know if you know who this belongs to (or you posted this b4 and I got it from your tumblr maybe??) Backup pics in my com now xD

Wait! Whoa~ This is the first time that I’ve seen this? Kekeke My cutie Andy~

A request to HoonHee and KangDan MV makers, please do a crossover MV of Bridal Mask and Doctor Stranger!

Ugh! This is the time that I am beating myself for not being talented to any of these things (haha). Seriously. I know that the timelines are different, but is there anyone that can make this possible? I am in neeedddd~

Laughed so hard at this. Eric-ah, why so adorable (with Dongwanie hehe)

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Would everyone be as understanding if ever it was Nana who acted as Minwoo did?

To be honest? I don’t think so. I believe I would probably be seeing enrage comments again when it was really her.

I’m not a fan of Nana, but I adore her on Roommate. It’s kinda frustrating to see people so negative towards her. What she have said in episode 8 were all true. They are making a show, so, they have to be seen closer as soon as possible; they have to interact whether they like it or not, and they have to exaggerate their actions a bit to make the film rolling. You don’t know what happen behind cameras to know what their real personalities are. All of them have flaws, but that also proves that they are humans just like us (and one of the reason why I like this show).

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Awwwww…. Thank you T^T


Disagree. The other two are great with his on screen characters but not in real life. Song Jihyo is like a sister. It just seems very strange shipping them. BomIs a little out there but LDWis quite diem to earth and seems patient enough to match her.

Song Ji Hyo and Lee Dong Wook are more of a sister-brother together, but definitely not the same feeling with Lee Da Hae, especially if you are watching their BTS, and interviews. While I find that Lee Dong Wook acts more of a sister to Bom, tbh.

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